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Black Orcs & Bovine Beastmen

More creations from the minds of Kevin Adams and Kevin Dallimore discovered on a recent raid of the Foundry vaults:

Six Beastmen conversions by Kevin Dallimore. These chunky metal miniatures were created with War Orc bodies originally sculpted by Kevin Adams. Five models have Oxen heads and the sixth has a dragon head from Kevin Adams’ first ever dragon model (soon to be added to the site!). 


As well as those beasties, we have just added six Black Orcs models. These were also converted using War Orc bases originally sculpted by Kevin Adams but with additional helmets and fur sculpted by Kevin Dallimore.


In case you missed our previous email, last month we also added these ten armoured orcs and six Goblin Extremists to our ever growing horde of greenskins.


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