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"BRING OUT YOUR LEAD is the annual gaming event that brings together the best of the tabletop retrogaming community, held on the first weekend of August at our shop in East Stoke near Newark, Nottinghamshire..

There will be demo games, participation games, a spectacular amount of vintage fantasy and science fiction miniatures on display, old-school gaming paraphernalia, great beer and much more.

The event is open to casual moochers, as well as the hardcore Oldhammer fanatic, so feel free to drop in and see what’s going on.

…And, whilst the event is all about celebrating old games and old figures – any and all games and figures are welcome"

For more info: here

Wow! Another year, another Oldhammer - and this year was our biggest and best yet. 
Tony Ackland and Trish Carden
Goblin Master Kevin Adams was there on the Saturday sculpting custom heads for people in aid of prostate cancer. He raised a record total of £260 this year.
Diane Ansell escorting John Blanche to the annual Oldhammer group photo.
A line up of Citadel legends. Alan Merrett, Tony Yates, Tony Ackland, John Blanche, Bryan Ansell, Diane Ansell, Rick Priestley, Nigel Stillman, Chrissy Hudson.
Organiser Garth presenting the awards for the painting competition.
Judges choice painting competition winner.
Big 'thing' category painting competition winner.
Squad category painting competition winner.
Single figure category painting competition winner .
 The Goblin Master sculpting heads for the que of people waiting patiently to get a custom Kevin Adams sculpt of their own. 
Painting competition entries.
John Blanche & Tony Yates judging this year's painting competition.
Tony Yates, John Blanche, Garth James, Rick Priestley, David Wood and Mark Stevenson.
Artist Tony Yates was in residence again, drawing for people and showing his collection of sculpts. Seen here talking to Mark Stevenson and David Wood.
The Shrine of Rigg game by Steve Beales made another appearance on the Sunday.
Games spilled out from the marque and the shop to fill the courtyard.

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